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     July 2011, Issue 20
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Guiding Steps to Your Career: Jump-Start Your Career with an Internship
By Jennifer Heth and Karen Graham, Senior Recruiters

Did you know that internships are an ideal opportunity to obtain hands-on work experience? Many internships offer a paid position with a focus on your specific course of study at school, area of interest upon graduation, or your new career direction.

With the skills obtained from an internship, you are in the best position to apply for varied career opportunities. Many companies are not only seeking experienced workers, but college hires who show potential and are proactive in their career development.

How can you get involved with an internship program?

The first step is to research companies of interest and search their websites for student opportunities and internship links. Once you find opportunities that match your interest, apply for the internship or contact representatives from the company.

At Sodexo, we offer a number of student opportunities, including the Sodexo Future Leaders Internship Program and a Student Ambassador program that aims to build the company’s employment brand on campus with administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Student Ambassadors are former interns who are chosen based on feedback from their internship supervisor and their applications.

Can an internship really be that important?

Yes. In fact, our interns often speak about the valuable experiences they gain. For example, Jorge "William" Chavez Ayala, a Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities intern in his second internship with Sodexo, says, "My first internship with Sodexo exposed me to the department of Diversity & Inclusion, where I conducted in-depth market research. This summer, I am working with Sodexo’s Education Communication Services on multiple projects, something that I really enjoy as it allows me the opportunity to explore different fields within Sodexo and its business. Here at Sodexo, I am constantly being challenged to come up with innovative ideas within the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, social networking, public relations (writing articles for the company’s intranet), marketing strategies, market research, crisis communication and much more!"

Opportunities at Sodexo

Sodexo offers two types of standard undergraduate internships:

  • Part-time paid spring internship:
    20 hours for eight weeks from March-May
  • Full-time paid summer internship:
    40 hours for 10 weeks from June-August

Additional Sodexo Opportunities:

Stay tuned for more "Guiding Steps to Your Career" in future issues of Sodexo Career Connections.

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