Sodexo USA Careers
     November 2011, Issue 22
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Guiding Steps to Your Career: Advance Your Career with a Plan
By Karen Graham, Senior Recruiter

What is your strategy for landing your dream job? If you are at the beginning of your career or anywhere in the process, it’s a good idea to create a plan on how to apply your education, skills and experience to career opportunities.

Are you still in school with little to no work experience in your field of interest? Do you know where you would like to be maybe 10 years from now? Let’s break that down into a more manageable time frame of perhaps the next 5 years. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get started:

  • Research the industry you want to work in and learn more about companies in the area that employ candidates at various skill levels.
  • Look for positions that match your current skill set and tailor your resume to speak to your experience in these areas. Make sure to include keywords that will help recruiters see your skill set while searching through candidates.
  • Consider a part-time job or volunteer opportunity that can help you build your experience. Look for opportunities that will give you an inside look at how a company functions and allow you the chance to obtain some hands-on experience.
  • Look beyond your immediate career interest at several companies that hire candidates with transferrable skills, such as food or fashion retail. Look for experiences you can translate to jobs in your career field down the road.
  • With winter school breaks coming, this is a perfect time to find a part-time job.
  • Gain experience with an internship. Sodexo offers a number of student and internship opportunities throughout the year. And, if Sodexo is your employer of choice, why not look for a frontline position at one of our hospitals or schools in your city? There, you’ll gain valuable experience and get to know our company better.
  • If you can’t find a position in your industry, look into these four jobs everyone should have: server, retail clerk, customer service associate and manual laborer. These jobs will teach you to have a good work ethic and provide you with numerous life skills.
  • And, build your professional network. Identify individuals within companies where you would like to work who have profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter or even corporate blogs. Look at your professor’s online profiles and see who they know. Ask your professor if he/she will refer you or if you can use his/her name as a reference to contact people they know – you might find just the right connection to help in your job search.

The bottom line – do something! Each work experience should bring about new opportunities for growth and development. We hope that you have found these tips helpful. If we have sparked your interest in Sodexo, view this video for more information on how to apply.

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Editor: Trish Freshwater,
Senior Communications Manager