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     October 2012, Issue 28
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Sodexo’s Emerging Leaders Program – A Competitive Edge for the Future
By Scott Sherman, Recruitment Manager, Facilities Services & IT

Sodexo believes that developing the leaders of tomorrow is something we need to invest in on a continual basis. I have been extremely fortunate to attend many types of training during my five years at Sodexo. I recently participated in a nine-month leadership development program that is a testament to Sodexo’s commitment to career development. This was an amazing journey of personal and professional growth.

Sodexo’s Emerging Leaders program offers employees the opportunity to develop their strategic leadership and critical thinking skills so that they can take on greater personal responsibility for the success of our company.

My journey started out with an extremely competitive application and selection process. I had to compete for a couple years before I was selected to participate. The program includes live workshops, e-learning modules, formal and informal mentors, webinars, an intense group project and the opportunity to work first-hand with a Sodexo market president and executive leaders.

The culmination of the program was a final project that required us to work with a real client within the company – delving into their strategy and key challenges. We then developed a strategic solution that would help them overcome their challenges while fulfilling their objectives. The final part of the program required us to present our solution live to our colleagues, executive sponsor, advisors and invited guests.

Beyond the formal aspects of the program, here are some of the additional highlights for me:

  • It was an amazing opportunity to work in a small group setting with Sodexo’s Healthcare Market President Pat Connolly, who served as the Executive Sponsor for our cohort. He shared his experiences, thought processes and perspective.
  • We were immersed in the latest Sodexo strategic initiatives, and our project put that into a practical application.
  • We met live with executive leaders for our client, a leading university, who shared their strategic objectives and challenges.
  • We worked directly with Sodexo leaders and subject matter experts to research potential solutions for our client. Through this process, I gained an in-depth understanding of our business and how to apply it to our client challenges.
  • I worked closely with a group of five other coworkers for the duration of the nine months. Hearing their perspective and thoughts brought diversity of thought and ideas.
  • Throughout the program, we were encouraged to take time to reflect and internalize what we observed and learned. This helped everything sink in and stay with me.

My journey through the program challenged me as a person and as a leader to grow and think differently. It helped me to be better prepared to advance and grow in my career. And, as a graduate of Emerging Leaders, I’m eligible to participate in Sodexo’s Enlightenment Program. This program pairs each Emerging Leaders graduate with an internal Sodexo Executive Recruiter who provides 1:1 guidance on how to achieve the employee’s career aspirations within Sodexo.

I joined Sodexo because of its culture and opportunities for growth. This program exceeded what I envisioned when I accepted the offer to join the company. Now for the next stage, I will apply what I learned to my overall career journey as I work to enhance Sodexo’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn to learn more about the Emerging Leaders program.

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Editor: Trish Freshwater,
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