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     December 2012, Issue 30
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Employee Spotlight: Jan McDonough Builds Exciting Career with Sodexo's New Solution Center
By Amber Almeida, Executive Recruiter

As a company dedicated to partnering with our clients' to meet their business needs, Sodexo is constantly re-evaluating the services we offer – sometimes creating specialized packages for clients, other times developing completely new services to offer system-wide. This is an exciting area of the company, as the people who work in Sodexo's Solutions Center have a direct impact on our clients' success. Careers in the Solutions Center include project managers, marketers and those with technical expertise.

What does it take to build the future of Sodexo? Dedication, creativity and a fabulous team that works together to develop new products and offers – or services – that all come together to bring success to our clients. Leading that charge is Janet McDonough, Senior Director, Product and Offer Development Group for the Sodexo Solution Center.

What is Jan's professional background?
Jan is a seasoned product development and marketing executive with 25 years of industry experience. She began her career as a Marketing Manager, and with her unique combination of creative and analytical talent moved into senior sales and product development roles.

Why did she join Sodexo?
Jan joined Sodexo in the summer of 2011 and was quick to remark that it was her passion to work with a growth driven company and the ability to lead a new group that led her to consider Sodexo as her employer of choice. The decision has proven to be a winning combination.

What is the Solutions Center?
The Solutions Center designs, develops and delivers a range of technical services for our clients – such as our facilities and energy management services. This commitment is supported by the Product and Offer Development team who then evaluates and validates the new services and products to be offered to our clients.

What does she do in The Solution Center?
Jan provides leadership to a team of Senior Product Managers, an Analyst and a Marketing Communication Director. She has played an integral role in the launch of The Solution Center at Sodexo and led the team to generate the awareness of the programs and campaigns of The Solution Center as part of the start-up operations. Jan's leadership has led the Product and Offer Development group to generate traction and engagement, conceptualize and research new ideas and evaluate them from a market and financial standpoint.

What has success looked like?
Within a year, Jan and her team have achieved tremendous success with the launch of the first product offering – Energy and Construction Services – and plan to launch new products and services to their existing portfolio in the coming months. The new products and services will enhance Sodexo's credibility and competiveness in the market and will create new job opportunities in the field of engineering and energy management. Please log on to the Sodexo Career site to search for new opportunities.

Jan has a busy professional life with deadlines and commitments and maintains a high degree of tolerance for uncertainty since new product development is ever changing. She is a high achiever at work and at play – as she is a US ranked Masters Competitive Swimmer, currently training for the Senior National Games to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in July 2013.

Sodexo is proud to have a winner in Janet McDonough!

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