Sodexo USA Careers
April 2013, Issue 34
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Finding Your Fit at Sodexo as a Culinary Professional
By Jennifer Macias, Recruitment Manager

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Having worked as a recruiter for about 16 years, I'm often asked the question, "Have you always wanted to work in HR?" And quite frankly, the answer is no. When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to be a doctor until I discovered that I loathed science. Can you imagine being a doctor who loathes science?

And so the quest for "the right fit" began.

Over time, I've discovered that "fit" is more than just uncovering what you are good at. It is also about finding true fulfillment in your career and doing what you LOVE to do. For me, building relationships is a passion of mine. Developing creative solutions and working in an environment where no day is ever the same is what gets me out of bed every morning.

So ask yourself, what's YOUR fit?

Perhaps you love cooking. If you believe a culinary career at Sodexo would be a great fit for you, then here's your chance to determine whether this opportunity will fulfill your interests, skills and passion.

I interviewed Executive Chef Bob Winslow to share his perspective on a culinary role in Corporate Services. Bob has spent the last 25 years working as a chef in private restaurants, country clubs, fine dining, executive dining and sports and leisure. He is a Sodexo Alumni, returning a year and a half ago, with more than 4 years of service with our company.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about on-site services from a culinary standpoint?

Many people have a misconception that we are in the "scoop and slop" industry. Many, many moons ago, this may have been true, but it's certainly no longer. There is so much that we do in terms of branding and menu development for our clients. From action stations, artisan concepts and international cuisine, we tailor our menus to fit the needs of our clients and customers.

Q: What would be one thing that may come as a surprise to someone pursuing a culinary career at Sodexo?

The big one that really stands out is credentials and schooling. Although it can be valuable, it doesn't necessarily speak to attitude and willingness. I see candidates that solely rely on their schooling to get them in the door but aren't a good fit because they simply don't have the right attitude to get the job done.

Q: What is the best part of the role?

The best part of the job is definitely our quality of life. Our work schedule in corporate services is unheard of in the restaurant business. The fact that I can be home with my family on nights and weekends is priceless.

Q: What is the most challenging part of the role?

For someone who may have spent the majority of their time in freestanding restaurants, the most challenging part is trying to wrangle in your creativity to follow the guidelines that Sodexo expects. Although there is some leeway in the programs, there are definitely systems and guidelines that have to be followed. The administrative paperwork and reports, like logs, charts and regulatory compliance, can take time away from the creative side as well.

Q: What attributes make for a great corporate chef at Sodexo?

Attitude is everything. The willingness to learn and exceed expectations has to be there. You can train someone on some of the culinary aspects but can't train attitude and willingness. In terms of experience, we look for chefs who haven't spent their entire time sitting behind a desk directing traffic. Our best chefs work alongside their teams, training, developing and mentoring.

Ready to find YOUR fit? Go to to find your future role today!

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