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     July 2013, Issue 37
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3 Ways to Mobilize Your Job Search
By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

The following was originally published on the Student Branding Blog, where students can find a wealth of information about preparing for their future career.

Searching for a job today is markedly different than the days of buying a Sunday newspaper and circling want ads. Instead, you're more likely to scan job search websites, utilize social media and leverage personal and professional networks to hunt for specific jobs in your town or even states away.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you likely already know how smartphones have changed the way we do so many things. From reading the news and conducting mobile banking to searching for restaurants and getting directions, we can seek almost any information we need on our mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Now, you can even conduct your job search on the go using mobile websites and a number of apps - some that even let you apply from your mobile device.

So, what do you need to know about searching for jobs via mobile?

Be Prepared

Searching for a job via mobile doesn't necessarily take a lot of effort. However, if you find a job and want to apply via your mobile device, you need to have all of the relevant information on your phone/tablet - like your resume.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Send your resume to your e-mail and download it to your phone via the e-mail client on your mobile device, or
  2. Use a service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive to store your resume, cover letters and any other supporting information that you may want to access on your mobile device via the related mobile apps.

Once you have all of your key documents available, you can either upload them through a mobile app or e-mail them to a recruiter, depending on the specific job application instructions.

Equally important, you want to keep your calendar up-to-date on your device so that if you receive an invitation for an interview, you can check your schedule on the go.

Download the Job Search Apps

If you go to the application store on your phone, simply searching for the word "job" will bring up a long list of apps with job-searching capabilities. However, you probably only need a few to accomplish your task. Popular job search sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster all have mobile apps where you can search and save job postings.

However, you can also be much more targeted in your mobile search by looking for specific job search apps developed by the companies where you want to work. For example, the Sodexo Careers Job Search App lets you do much more than search and save jobs that interest you. The Sodexo app also lets you create job search agents and apply to jobs directly from your phone/tablet. The app also provides access to all of the company's social media platforms and its careers blog - allowing you to immerse yourself in the company culture and connect with recruiters, all from your mobile device.

Network, Network, Network!

Using your mobile device to network with recruiters and other professionals in your field is a snap with apps like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Twitter apps such as HootSuite and UberSocial. With any one of these apps installed on your mobile device, you're free to reach out to your network from virtually anywhere and participate in LinkedIn Group discussions or connect directly on Facebook and Twitter for one-on-one conversations.

As technology continues to expand in the mobile arena, searching for and applying to jobs via your smartphone or a tablet is likely to become a primary tool for your job search. With individual companies making it easier and easier for you to connect with them directly via mobile, why wouldn't you?

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Editor: Trish Freshwater,
Senior Communications Manager

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