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     September 2013, Issue 39
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Do Your Job-Seeking Skills Match the Skill of a Shark?
By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager

The following was originally posted on the Sodexo Careers blog, where you can add your thoughts on social networking and job hunting.

Early August is the most wonderful time of the year for me. Andy Williams may think the holidays are the happiest season of all, but for me it was Shark Week!

Night after night I was glued to my television watching countless episodes of underwater shark behavior. I may have developed a fear of swimming in the ocean, but it surprised me to learn that sharks are becoming an endangered species due to humans.

Not only are these fish misunderstood, they also have qualities that every job seeker can learn from. In fact, the process of finding a job can leave you feeling like one of many fish in the sea. Here are four abilities that you should hone to make you successful in your job seeking.

One of the main reasons sharks are such effective predators is their keenly attuned senses. Great Whites can smell a drop of blood up to three miles away, while hammerheads have 360 degrees of vertical binocular vision. Use your professional sense to tap into your network and swim to the surface. You don't need a sixth sense to know that job opportunities can be within your reach through employee referrals and social media channels.

Great whites gained their notoriety by going after what they want tenaciously, even if it means a lot of work and some risk. Their hunting technique is strategic and so should your job search. Emerge from the depths with a networking plan, including a resume makeover to clearly define your skills with the requirements of the job you are after.

Did you know that there is one species of shark that can live in both ocean and fresh water? Deemed one of the most deadly sharks, the bull shark’s aggressiveness is only outweighed by their adaptability. Just as they adapt to a new environment for survival, you should be able to adjust your approach and interviewing skills to keep afloat in the hiring process.

The presence of a shark can alarm beachgoers and surfers, but the most dangerous sharks are always the ones you can’t see. The same is true for the information about yourself that you don't realize is lurking online. You can take control of your presence so that your reputation remains positive and your credibility isn't shredded. Sharks unfortunately aren't that lucky!

Just like a shark attack, your first impression with an employer can be over in a matter of seconds so it’s important to use your senses, plan your strategy, become adaptable and control your presence so that your job seeking doesn't fall to unchartered territories.

What other shark-like abilities do you think are important during your job search?

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Editor: Trish Freshwater,
Senior Communications Manager

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