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     October 2013, Issue 40
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Tips to Improve Your Job Seeking Skills as a Millennial
By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

The following was originally posted on the Sodexo Careers blog, where you can add your thoughts on social networking and job hunting.

As the fastest-growing generation to enter the workplace, Millennials are eager to hit the ground running. You come to your first day on the job wanting to make a difference. We love that enthusiasm!

Have you ever felt that your eagerness and/or approach to job hunting have created challenges when trying to get a foot in the door?

Here is a list of the top six mistakes to avoid and solutions to put into action when applying for jobs:

1. Mistake: Waiting Too Long to Begin the Job Search

Solution: Don't assume that jobs will easily find you as graduation approaches and wait to begin your search in that final semester. Being proactive by completing internships throughout your college career and by actively participating in career fairs will increase the likelihood of being noticed and hired into entry-level positions.

2. Mistake: Not Fully Leveraging Professional and Social Networks

Solution: As a student, you can easily network right on campus through student organizations and local professional organization chapters and through your professors, college alumni and other contacts. Also, reaching out to professionals in their field, as well as recruiters and hiring managers at prospective companies, through LinkedIn and Twitter is a great way for you to learn about possible career opportunities and keep up with industry trends.

3. Mistake: Resumes That Aren't Tailored to Positions

Solution: Enlist expert help from the campus Career Services Center when writing your first resume. Resumes need to be clear, have a simple layout, be free of grammar and punctuation errors, use keywords and include solid examples of achievements that show how you are qualified for a certain position.

4. Mistake: Cover Letters that Read like Resumes

Solution: A cover letter should be a short, concise elevator pitch to pique a recruiter's interest in reading your resume – and not a summary of the work history detailed on your resume.

5. Mistake: Limited Research before Interviews

Solution: Dedicate more than a few minutes on a company website before an interview. Spending time to learn the company's mission and values, reading news articles about the company and its industry, and visiting its social media sites to read various discussions will help the student fully understand what it's like to work for that company. This, in turn, will show your interest in the company and can help develop insightful questions to bring with you to the interview.

6. Mistake: Forgetting to Say Thank You

Solution: At the end of each interview, thank the participants for their time and inquire about the next steps in the process. And, remember, a simple thank you note goes a long way in showing your respect for the interviewers, your values and interest in the job.

In today's fast-paced world of online applications and social networking, it's easy for any candidate to overlook some important steps in the job application process. By following these tips, you'll find a greater rate of hiring success at companies like Sodexo, where Boomers and Millennials work side-by-side to build tomorrow's workforce.

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Editor: Trish Freshwater,
Senior Communications Manager

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