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     March 2016, Issue 69
Your View into a World Leader of Quality of Life Services
Every Word Counts – Tips for Your Job-Seeking Success!
By Danielle Gordon, Senior Recruiter

At Sodexo, our hiring managers have a daily need for top new talent to fill positions at our more than 9,000 client locations across North America. As such, our people are the only sustainable advantage over our competition and for continued growth as an organization, so we're always looking for the best.

As a candidate, you must wonder what would help you stand out in the crowd and get the attention of our recruiters and hiring managers. A few Sodexo hiring managers took some time to share their perspective with me on how professionalism and attention to detail can come into question while viewing resumes and during interviews.

First Up: Presentation of the Resume
Time after time, hiring managers say grammatical errors and small typos can create bigger problems for job applicants. Managers want to see that applicants took extra time to care about even the smallest details on their resumes.

One manager told me he recently came to the end of a resume where he read, "References and Education will be made up Upon Request." Did you catch the words "made up"? Every word choice can be important and change the meaning of what you intend to say. In this instance, using the wrong words shows that the candidate may have overlooked this attention to detail.

To ensure that your resume shines, be sure to review it after you're done writing and don't forget to run spell check. It's also a great idea to have someone else proofread or check your document. Also, read these tips on how to structure your resume and incorporate all of the right content.

Next Up: Showcase Your Skills during the Interview
Our hiring managers place interviews high on their priority list, but it's important to remember that they are still actively running their business – likely short-staffed – while hiring new employees. So, when they come to an interview, they are looking for the best-qualified candidate who will meet their operational needs.

To show that you are "the one," multiple managers I spoke with suggested this advice for applicants preparing for their upcoming interview with Sodexo:

  • Dress professionally (suit or jacket and tie). If you're a chef, do not wear your chef attire.
  • Prepare for your meeting. This means doing your homework for your interview – learn about the company, our culture and our values, as well as details about the job and how you can discuss ways that your background, knowledge, skills and abilities make you the best candidate for the job.
  • Lastly, BRING THE ENERGY! Even the most entry-level candidates have been hired with Sodexo after displaying a positive, coachable and respectful demeanor!

Also, as you prepare for your interview, be sure to pay attention to how you can share details that describe what you have accomplished so far in your career with information about what you may have made, saved or achieved in specific project examples. Read more about how your preparation can be the key to your success in behavioral interviewing.

As a job seeker, you undoubtedly get excited about new opportunities that match your interests. Use that excitement to focus your attention to detail on the words you choose for your resume and how you present yourself in interviews. Bottom line: When it comes to making an impression with hiring managers, every word counts!


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